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Posted by admin on November 14, 2010 in Reviews with 16 Comments is still relatively new to the internet and it has people wondering if it’s a scam. We’ve scoured numerous message boards, websites, and blogs to read why people ask if this site is a scam. We can officially answer all of these curious individuals by saying that this site is NOT a SCAM. In fact, is dedicated to reassuring those curious individuals that is not a scam.

For more information, check out our Review of is so easy to use that you would be foolish not to try it. It costs nothing to join and takes less than 5 minutes to get started. Not only will you shrink those long URLs but you also make money for shrinking it through will continue to reassure, inform, and track everything related to

« previous post Review has started to gain a lot of attention over the last few months as more and more individuals join. The site is incredibly easy to join and within a few minutes you can begin shrinking your links, posting them on your blog or social networks, and start making easy money. It's so easy to mak...

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Current Payout Rate for 11/13/10

As of November 13th, 2010, is reporting a Payout Rate of $4.73 for CPM in the United States. Join

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